thump/vice magazine:

„The addition of visuals to a dance track can be a blessing or a curse. When pulled off effectively it can be a collision of forms that breathes new expression and perspective into the music. If done badly you can end up fully bugging out whilst watching a fox's corpse rotting in fast motion over some industrial techno.

The track's video, exclusively premiering on THUMP, pulls of the exquisite trick of uncannily capturing the spirit of the music in visual form. The backdrop draws from a soft palette of pastel pinks, blues and greens which mirrors Kruse & Nuernberg's glowing production. Then the kaleidoscopic displays of flowers and fingers add the same distinct character as is provided by Brolin's vocals. Altogether it creates a disorientating pleasure, as getting lost in the psychedelic universe of the video becomes appropriately freeing.“

in collaboration with Dominic Flatter